• Dual Fill 0-30

This model is for use with a hand pump or a pump that does not have more than 30psig.

Dual Fill Model 2 with 0-30 psig gauge. This is the most accurate way to fill your front tires to the same pressure. BRP tire pressure specs for the front tires is ± 0.25 psig and most gauges are ± 2.0 psig. This model has a 0-30 psig gauge so you must regulate the line air to less than 30 psig to avoid damage to the gauge. It works well with a bicycle pump or those tiny compressors that can be swithed on and off to fill the tires. Serfas makes some good quality hand pumps.

Filling both tires at the same time gets the pressure in both tires equal. Unequal pressure in the front tires will cause pulling toward the tire with less pressure.

Instructions for using the DF-2 are here.

Do Not use with a tank type compressor or at the gas station.

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Dual Fill 0-30

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