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Air Filter Kit fits the following 2 cylinder Spyders GS/RS, ST all years and RT's up to 2013.

For a replacement filter use a Wix 46094 Filter for best fit. Some cross reference filters do not fit as well.

The surface of the aluminum parts may have slight irregularities under the anodizing that will not affect the function. I went for a brushed finish on the aluminum.

The Air filter Kit includes a Wix 46094 paper filter. I feel the better filter properties of a paper filter is better than a tiny bit more flow that an oil type filter will do. The filter has a CFM of 15. Removal of the air box is required and removing the resonator is recommended to improve cooling in the engine and seat area.

Note: Changing the air filter alone and not modifying the exhaust in any way should not require a fuel mix controller. If you have a Y pipe or aftermarket exhaust you may need a fuel mix controller.

If you want a quieter sound the pre-filter will tone down the throttle sound when you are accelerating. 

The 2008/2009 GS and 2010-2012 RS requires the breather filter option. I use the Spectre #3996 as that option.

Warning when you remove the air box to install any aftermarket  air filter do not allow the RT to sit uncovered in the rain. If this happens remove the spark plugs before turning the engine over in case any water has gotten into the cylinders.

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Air Filter

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